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Capture more sales leads and increase the number of opted-in contacts in your sales pipeline or marketing platforms; grow your email list while sending the product or service information your shoppers want, directly to them, instantly.  
LearLabs has the software to help you grow!


Contact and Lead Capture  |  Product Photos and Video  |  Branded Emails

Create meaningful, connected interactions for sales or marketing teams attending expos, conventions, trade shows, or other B2B events; capture, store and send with LearLabs. 

Create Meaningful, Connected Interactions
Success Stories
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"This great piece of technology allows you to give the consumer the picture they want and the opportunity you need to continue the relationship with them after they leave." - The Fruchtman Team

Join the Team

Join the other teams, like Fruchtman Marketing, using LearLabs.

Here is a good example of what LearLabs does. 

You may not sell watches, but chances are you have a product or service that shoppers or prospects want more info about. Take a photo and it goes right to their email, all with your info attached!



Choose a User or System Location to attribute the transaction to and load preset configurations  

3 cups



Add Contact Information,

Photos, Product Details or

Transaction Types  

3 cups


3 cups


1 cup



View your Leads and Contacts,

and download to your favorite

CRM or Marketing tools  

Connected Interactions
Collect valuable sales leads or shopper contact details, instantly send branded emails, even provide
photos or video, along with product or service information.
Check out the amazing features and benefits of LearLabs.


Download to your CRM   |  Dashboard Views   |  Valuable Metrics

Collect & Capture
Never worry about having to build a customer list or capture information by writing names on a notepad or transferring business card details; make smart, connected interactions with your prospects.  
Check out the amazing features and benefits of LearLabs.


Download to your CRM   |  Dashboard Views   |  Valuable Metrics

Turn shoppers into customers.™

Starting at

Monthly Cost


Connect with more shoppers, sales leads and prospects, today.  Select a plan that works for your team, then setup, and choose a free trial option, or get started with a subscription today!


Add more as you grow - Additional systems, locations, and users can always be added to customize the software to your needs. 

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