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Turn Shoppers Into Customers

No matter how you define them –shoppers, customers, contacts, clients, prospects or sales leads– you need their information, and they want yours.  Increase the number of leads or contacts in your pipeline, grow your email list, even send shoppers valuable item or service details. 
LearLabs has the software to help you grow.
LearLabs - LearLite Software for email and contact capture software
Capture more business, not just cards.
Use LearLabs to increase the number of leads or contacts in your pipeline, 
grow your email list, even send your shoppers valuable item details.
Click on the icons below for a pop-up with a bit more information.
Customized Data Capture
Capture and qualify leads with custom fields in a wide range of formats and variable data inputs.  From simple name and email, to industry and company-specific details and formats. 
Scan and Capture
Capture and qualify leads with custom fields in a wide range of formats and variable data inputs.  From a simple name and email, to industry and company specific needs. No need for clunky, expensive scanners. 
Images and Items
Attach files, photos, stored images and product details right to the email your contact will receive.  You can also add brand specific overlay to the photos that are sent out!
Live Reports and Dashboards
Manage your systems, locations and users with drill-up, drill-down efficiency.  See what teams, associates, or events, are utilizing the system to improve interactions, increase contacts, and close more sales. 
Marketing or CRM Integration 
Increase the number of leads or contacts from today's event, or use your information to make sales calls weeks down the road.  Simply export your new data into your favorite sales pipeline tool, CRM, ESP or Marketing Automation software. 
Tags, Labels and Dispos
Quickly sort or search for a specific lead, even disposition them right at the time of contact and entry.  
Custom Emails and Notes
Easily mark or brand product photos and track customer interactions.  Add campaign, show, or product specific details to the emails that your prospect receives; quick, easy, and completely custom.
Works online, anytime
LearLabs suite of services works within the cloud, utilizing AWS.  Your
data will be safe and secure knowing the worlds #1 cloud and server provider is keeping you at 99.9% up time.
Email Templates and Control
Instantly capture, send or store emails.  They're branded and opted-in, so now you have their info, and they have yours!  Choose to send instantly, or save and store it for later; customization and configuration is the name of the game.
Create smart, connected interactions
Work smarter, not harder. From large sales teams, to mom and pop operations, increase the number of leads or contacts in your pipeline. Start at today's event, or use your information to make a sale weeks down the road.  How you use the information is up to you; how you capture it is up to us.
LearLabs - LearLite Software for email and contact capture software
Much More Than Capturing E-Mail
LearLabs provides peace of mind; knowing your business has the tools needed to grow lets you focus on more important business matters. Quickly and easily connect with prospects to capture information without distracting from the in-person rapport building experiences that are so important to building lasting relationships.
Easy Setup with Automatic Actions
You're a business on the move, so save time with a product designed just for you.  From the show floor, or on the go; instantly capture, store and send your information to contacts.  Follow up immediately, or down the road, even set alerts or select categories to know the status of your leads and what you talked about. 
There is no limit to what you can gather

Leads, prospects, shoppers or clients, whatever you call them,

want more info about your products or services.  You can only reach out and continue your sales and rapport building process if you have their information. 


Both you, and your prospective client get the information you want:  they get a picture of the product they desire (in most cases with them in the photo), and you get their name and email, all stored and accessible in the LearLabs platform for later use.

With LearLabs, both sides win.

Is it for me
LearLabs - LearLite Software for email and contact capture software
LearLabs Sales Team
Is this system for me or my team? Watch to find out. 
The LearLabs platform is designed for data and teams on the go.
Capture leads, send item details, conduct surveys, gain digital opt-ins and much more. Watch these quick product videos below and see if it's worth a try at your next event or show. 
LearLabs has the software to help you grow!

LearLabs works on Desktop and Mobile

Give LearLabs a try, free for 15 days.  Choose any of our plans,
set-up, then select 15-day trial.  No card details are needed, and you won't be charged until after your free month ends and you do enter payment details.
After that, continue without the need for contracts or setup fees.
One simple price, month-to-month, for as long as you need.





The best way to capture lead info

Capture, store and send: prospect details, product info, pricing, picture, brand details, repairs; collect anything you need to move the conversation moving forward. all that data is stored on your dashboard and can even be sent immediately to your prospects email. LearLite ensures meaningful and connected interaction with your prospect.


Your Store. Your Customer. Your Data.


                                                           -Derek Thomas, Founder

LearLabs Is
The System Your Team Needs. 
Add More Leads, Close More Sales.
Email Options
Use your system to sent, store, track and understand contacts.  See open rates, interactions, and prospect history. 
Links and Campaigns 
Link and track any event: business cards, photos, notes or actions; all can be stored and attributed to a campaign, show or team.
Reviews and Replies
Insert simple response and call-to-action buttons in your emails. Download and send any of this data to your existing CRM
Simple Setup
The LearLabs system is designed to be easy to use, and in most cases, able to be set-up on the fly, quickly, under 15 minutes. 
Product Photos & Video
Increase sales closing rates and ensure your prospects or sales leads have what everyone wants, photos and videos of products.
Badge or Doc Scanning
No need for expensive, single use badge scanning license purchases at shows.  One system with constant access for a low cost. 
Easy to Use Info & Data
First thing is first -before the CRM and sales pipeline process, you need prospect names and emails; we help you get them. 
Native Application
Currently, we offer a mobile-optimized interface.  Do not worry, native apps for iOS and Android are coming for 2019!
Custom Fields or Questions
Each business team has unique needs. Define which fields and the type of data you need to capture from contacts.
Your Logo and Info
Customize the data, logo, templates, contact data and info your prospects see, from all system levels.
Month-to-month cost
We offer a simple, scalable, cost-effective, pay-as-you-go model, and always on a monthly basis. 
Export and Share Data
Our system is designed to help you collect the data you need and want. Export or Upload to your favorite CRM systems like SalesForce and Constant Contact.
Start Using 
LearLabs Today
Your teams, recruiters, stores or associates will
send more emails, make more contacts and book more sales with the LearLabs and our software tools. 

Join Today

“LearLabs has all the features we need for our tradeshows, as well as simple integration to our other systems - which saves us time on manual uploads for our leads.” -

LearLabs - LearLite Software for email and contact capture software
Still have more questions about how
LearLabs software can help your business? 
See the trades, industries and business cases that utilize LearLabs to help their business grow here.
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